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The National Association of Care and Support Workers

The National Association of Care and Support Workers

The National Association of Care and Support Workers is delighted to endorse Health & Care at Home Limited as the premier provider of Domiciliary, Community Care and Support Services in Cornwall. Health & Care at Home Limited are establishing a reputation for not only delivering the highest standards of care to its clients in the social care sector today, but also as an employer of the highest calibre. NACAS has no hesitation in recommending Health and Care at Home Limited to potential service users, their families and employees, and wish them continued success for the future…Paul Featherstone Founder and Secretary NACAS
Once I've Gone

Once I’ve Gone

Health and Care at Home are delighted to have partnered with Once I’ve Gone, and as part of our ongoing service to you, OIG and Health and Care at Home have covered the cost of your membership for life. 

Should you pass away, would life carry on as normal or would your loved one’s struggle to find all the vital information needed? Through our partners at ‘OIG, we can help you get your personal, legal and financial affairs in order, record amazing video messages and help you ensure that your send-off is a celebration of your life.

‘OIG’s industry leading digital vault makes it easy for you to upload and store a digital copy of important documentation including the location your will, bank account, shares and insurance policies, as well as details of gym memberships, loan payments and credit cards. All this information is stored in your secure digital vault, and only accessible by your chosen Trusted Contacts after your passing.

The digital vault also acts as an incredible backup against loss via theft, fire and flooding.

So instead of your family having to ‘search through shoe boxes’, filing cabinets and old emails, they can now find all of this information in one highly secure location, accessible at a time when you are no longer there to help.

We certainly hope you will take advantage of this offer and make your family, Friends, Lasting Power of Attorney, Solicitor, Financial Adviser and Bank aware of your one stop secure store for all of your important documentation and photographs.

Click on the link  to see details of the OIG partnership and how you can get involved.

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