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Our Experienced, Qualified, Compassionate team of Practitioners work with Individuals, Carers, Families and Friends to enable people who wish to stay at home, to do so.

We plan carefully with people who wish to remain in their own home as an alternative to other environments (for example Care or Nursing Homes), in a manner that offers peace of mind as well as the assurance of safety to all involved in the planning process.

Our Personalised Care and Support Plans are developed to meet the individual needs of the people who use our services. This process  provides comfort to family members, carers and friends who may be concerned about their loved one being on their own or being cared for away from home. Poor health, isolation or loneliness are often barriers to a person being able to continue to live at home. Our experienced team offer support with your health, physical and emotional needs. Companionship, delivered with compassion and respect may entail conversation, sharing of activities, and building a relationship that goes beyond a person’s basic needs.

At Health and Care at Home Ltd we provide services that enable family members and carers to continue to enjoy their relationship with their loved one without the barriers often associated with a caring role. We provide the care and support a person requires allowing their carer and family to enjoy their relationship with reduced stress and anxiety. Utilising our Health, Care and Therapy Services enables everyone to feel supported, cared for, safe, happier and healthier.

Whether your loved one needs support from 1 to 24 hours a day or on a regular schedule to assist with specific tasks, our service will provide priceless benefits to every member of your family with increased quality of life and peace of mind.

Assistance with your Mobility

Health and Care at Home Ltd provides assistance with mobility for any person who uses our services. We enable people to continue to live and maintain as active lifestyle as they are able.

We understand the many physical health benefits associated with staying active. These include weight management, improved digestion and sleep patterns. Enabling people to remain active increases their feeling of wellbeing, increases their energy levels and staying power.

Your Personalised Care and Support Plan is designed around you, with access to your own Occupational Therapist. We are able to accompany you on walks, long or short, provide encouragement and reminders to complete prescribed exercises as part of a programme of reablement (for example following discharge from hospital).

Are you, your loved one or a friend interested in having some assistance with mobility? If so Health and Care at Home Ltd can help.

Transferring and Positioning for people with restricted Mobility

At Health and Care at Home Ltd our team of Qualified Practitioners are trained to enable you to achieve and maintain correct posture positions which promote your health, safety and wellbeing.

Appropriately transferring and positioning you from or into your bed or chair, for example, reduces the impact of pressure areas on your skin. This also supports people whose muscles and limbs are stiff or weakened, and helps to improve breathing, digestion, and elimination.

Could you, a loved one or a friend use some help around the home to feel safe, comfortable, cared for and looked after? If so Health and Care at Home Ltd can help.

Continence Care

At Health and Care at Home Ltd our team of experienced and compassionate practitioners are focused on maintaining and sustaining the dignity and self-esteem of the people who use our services.

Whatever your continence needs we will ensure you feel respected and enabled to continue to live as full and active a life as it is possible for you to achieve.

Would you, a loved one or a friend like some support with continence? If so Health and Care at Home Ltd can help.

Nutrition, Your Diet and Meal Preparation

We recognise that nutrition and diet means different things to different people. At Health and Care at Home Ltd we work with you providing advice and support on achieving a healthy diet, while recognising and respecting your personal preferences.

If you require a special diet such as diabetic, gluten free, have any allergies or need your meals prepared in a special way including PEG feeds we can help. Whatever your nutritional or dietary needs we will ensure you are provided with the time you require to enjoy your meal. We will ensure your pride and dignity is maintained at all times.

We understand that many people are unable, or do not wish to shop for groceries and prepare a well-balanced meal. We are able to support you with your shopping and preparation of your meals based on your personal preferences.

Are you, your loved one or a friend interested in having some assistance with nutrition, diet or meal preparation? If so Health and Care at Home Ltd can help

Conversation and Companionship

Our team of Experienced, Compassionate Practitioners will always respect the personal and physical space occupied by the people who use our service. However, we are equally aware that some people will welcome the opportunity to enjoy our team member’s companionship and will share and join in conversations.

How you wish to engage with us will be clearly documented in your Personalised Care and Support Plan. This ensures the conversations you wish to avoid or information you do not wish to share will be respected at all times.

Social contact such as enjoying a conversation is proven to enhance peoples’ health, happiness, and the quality of life they experience. If you have a loved one who would enjoy some conversation and companionship, Health and Care at Home Ltd can help.

Laundry, Household Tasks, Shopping & Errands

Our team of Experienced Practitioners are happy to support you with your laundry either in your home or by using a laundry service. We will wash, dry, fold, iron, and put clothing away according to your personal preference.

We are also able to provide support with many daily household tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

It may well be that you or your loved one are now unable to undertake your daily shopping and occasional errands. We are able to help with online shopping or accompany you to your shop of preference. If you are unable to shop with us we will use the local shop of your preference. We are happy to pick up prescriptions or go to the post office. If you choose to stay home that is fine, however we would encourage you, if you are able, to accompany us as shopping is an excellent way to stay active and participate within your community.

Medication and 24 Hour Care

Our team of Experienced Practitioners will always promote and support your independence in maintaining your ability to administer your own medications. However, we understand that at times you may require assistance and or support with this.

We will work alongside your GP and other medical practitioners to ensure your medicines management is appropriate and safe. This will include the use of assistive technologies where appropriate. Where additional assistance is required with medication orally or by another route we will ensure our staff are appropriately trained to support you with this.

Our Health, Care and Therapy services are available 24 hours a day dependent on your bespoke requirements. This will include special care delivered alongside our statutory partners for people who are reaching the end of their life.

Are you, your loved one or a friend interested in any of the above services or indeed, a combination of them all, please contact us below

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