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Our Team

Dr Clive Acraman - Director of Operations

Hello, as one of the most qualified social care practitioners in the UK I have held leadership positions in Community Health and Social Care Organisations for the last 30 years. I left public service two years ago because I believed patients and people who use public services were being let down, viewed as 'beds' not people and being dehumanised.

Further, while I appreciated the skills and talents of the teams I led and the individual practitioners I worked alongside, I was frustrated because I was unable to provide them with the rewards they deserved or allow them the time required to provide a quality services alongside the people we served. For the last two years I have worked hard to achieve a solution for people who use services and those who provide them. Health and Care at Home Limited is that solution.

My expertise in Personalised Care and Support Planning spans two decades. Further, I am an appreciative leader who understands that staff who feel valued and are well rewarded provide services with compassion, respect and dignity. Our staff are well looked after and in turn our services are of the highest quality.

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